Upper Cervical


Return on initial investment


Total sales from store's initial total


Close rate from qualified patients

The Client

Upper Cervical runs a well respected chiropractic clinic in the Cedar Falls community. They had an existing stable practice, as well as digital presence, but wanted to further reach and engage their target audience. Esper was brought in to help Upper Cervical create and implement predictable and sustainable Facebook marketing strategies. Before, Upper Cervical was leaving ad dollars unaccounted for and not actively managing their Facebook presence.

The Campaign Results

Our initial ad set resonated extremely well with our identified target audience. We ran a $27 initial voucher campaign coupled with a free Christmas giveaway campaign for the holidays. Over 90 vouchers were renewed with the clinic seeing over 790% ROI.

By the Numbers:

1. 95 New leads who claimed the offer
2. 42 Scheduled and Claimed Vouchers = 50% Conversion
3. 18 Qualified for the clinic’s wellness plan = 40% Qualification
4. 14 New patients signed up = 75% Close Rate

Return on Investment

Costs and Fees:

• Esper Creations Management Fee = $1,500
• Facebook Advertising Budget = $500
• Total Monthly Investment = $2,000

Overall Monthly Campaign Details:

• Monthly Total Initial Visit Sales Value= $1,215
• Facebook Advertising Budget = $500
• Monthly Campaign Management= $997
• Total Monthly Facebook Ad Spend = $500
• 1 Year Wellness Plan Sales = $14,700
• Total Sales $15,915 from Initial Total Investments $1997 = 790% ROI

Extra Bonuses and Benefits:

Benefits from Facebook advertising come not only on the Acquisition of new customers but also the addition of leads for follow up, potential client referrals, captured data for offer retargeting.

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