As a trusted digital marketing resource, we want to encourage our clients to ask questions. Our team of experts wants to teach our clients the basics of analytic analysis. So for February, we will be generating content that helps explain some of the most basic analytical terms. Today we are going to be discussing bounce rate which requires additional observations to be able to comprehend what it truly means.


Bounce rate is the observation of a single-page session that gets divided by all sessions. This equals to be a percentage of all sessions that viewed one page and triggered a single request. When looking at this percentage you might be confused is a high score good, or is a low score bad. This depends on the type of website your company has so knowing what your goals allow you to comprehend the data better.


A High Bounce Rate ISN’T good when the website requires viewers to view more than the home page. If you have a high bounce rate on a multiple-page site then it’s telling our team that something on the home page isn’t transitioning the viewer’s focus. If you were to have a website such as a personal blog or if you are a single product business then having a high bounce rate is perfectly normal.


There are certain procedures that I look for when examining a client’s bounce rate so that I know I’m being fair to the client. I utilize different reports to ensure I can diagnose the problem whether it’s certain pages causing the issues or a simple tracking code that needs to be adjusted. If you want to learn more about simple analytics don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by calling Esper Creations today at (319) 383-0520.