Marketing on a Budget: 8 essential low budget marketing tools for your business

Need a Design?

A great free tool that allows you to create simple, aesthetic graphics with little or no training. Pick graphics for social media, documents, print design, blogs and even advertisements. After, select your text, lines, shapes, and upload your own photos to create aesthetic looking designs that’ll boost engagement up to trifold.

Share As Image.

Got a great quote or event information you want to make into an image? For $8 a month, you can merely highlight text on any site and Share As Image assists you in creating an aesthetic image of your highlighted text via Google Chrome extension. This is especially helpful for Instagram and Pinterest marketing, or a cover photo for a post. Check out a video tutuorial here (link:

Death to the Stock Photo.

Give your brand a unique spice by signing up for monthly photos being sent straight to your inbox. Two photographers pledged to empower the creator and give your one of a kind high resolution stock photos for free. Use these in your content without having to worry about copyright laws or an ridiculous price tag that comes with today’s stock photos. Worst comes to worst, you have some new awesome desktop backgrounds.

Need to Manage Your Tasks?

This free organizational tool is religiously used at Esper Creations. Improve your company’s productivity by giving ownership to projects, setting concrete deadlines, and sharing files in specific, easy to find places. Asana provides a great timeline for everyone on your team, and is a tool that should be implemented no matter the size of your business.

The service is exactly what it sounds like; upload your photo (or image URL) and simply select a pixel in said photo to immediately find its corresponding HEX, RGB, and HSV values. Move over mismatched color schemes, there’s a new sheriff in town and its name is uniformity.

Need to Edit a Photo on Your Phone/Tablet?
Adobe Photoshop Express.

The Photoshop you know and love, but condensed into your phone/tablet and it’s…. wait for it… Free.
Instagram marketers rejoice!

Need to Communicate with Your Team?

One of the industry’s hottest tools, sacrilegious to keep off a comprehensive marketing list. Slack is the AIM of today’s business world if AIM has been working on its productivity muscles since 2007. Create channels, share files, and craft a unique user experience by integrating different applications with your slack app, all while keeping in constant communication with your team. Gone are the days of poor online communication.

Need to Express a Complex Idea?

An intuitive idea mapping tool that displays all of your ideas, tasks or lists in one place. Check out a video tutorial here.

Need to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

The Godfather of social media management, Hootsuite puts all your social media platforms in one place. Hootsuite is the fertilizer that will allow your brand’s online presence to flourish. Engage your audience by connecting with them on a deeper level. Schedule posts at optimal times in the day, target audiences, and optimize your message through in depth analytics built into the platform.

Start using these tools and start crushing your enhanced marketing strategy. Does your team have tools you use but we didn’t include on the list? We’re always looking to improve productivity and want to hear your feedback. Comment your thoughts below.