When I was in college, I learned that one should NEVER discount any connection one makes. The universe puts people into your life for a purpose which could be immediate or for reasons your find out later down the road. Network Marketing is a great way for you to advocate your brand while talking to like-minded individuals. Here at Esper Creations, we encourage our staff to join network groups to allow our company to constantly grow.


One of the most important networking groups we work with is the Iowa City Area Business Partnership. This group offers unique opportunities to help grow your business through events such as; Lunch Connections, Cocktail Connections, and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies. The Partnership is a group of individuals from businesses across multiple industries that support one another. These connections that you make will help your business through word of mouth.


If you are looking for a fun way to support your business let’s sit down and talk about local networking opportunities. Call Esper Creations today at (319) 383-0520.