Something that I like to do is simply reflect on the previous practices of marketing of the past, present but also future. To realize what has been done but to understand how potential clients want to be nurtured. This is my evaluation of what has been done and how to sell your services in today’s market.


Past Marketing Practices


I own a book that looks at the transition of ad practices throughout the centuries. Something that I took away from previous generations of ads is that stereotyping ads don’t resonate with the population as a whole. When you look at what ads looked like previously you can pick up on some sexist undertones. Another thing that I noticed is that business owners wanted the biggest ad displays whether that be: billboards, phonebooks, etc.


Present Marketing Practices


If you were to ask me about the current trend patterns in today’s marketing world I am so proud to say that authentic advertising IS IT! With new social media platforms, such as TikTok, you can see random videos go viral. It’s because people react to scenarios differently so creating an experience that taps into one’s emotions is the shift in marketing. Businesses are taught that having a space that attracts people to hang out and connect emotions to the business is the most effective in today’s strategy. People don’t want big billboards; they want a personalized sales approach that makes them feel like the company values their purchase.


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