My goal is to get your company seen digitally which is why we work in phases here at Esper Creations. We look at building a strong foundation that then allows your company to run advertising campaigns and get the results you want to see. You wouldn’t want to create a layout of your business without knowing what product/service you are selling. Our team focuses on multiple platforms which helps get your website from the last page of the search results to the very first. What does this look like for your business?


Something that I learned from being out of college in a rapidly changing industry is that CONTENT is key. When you are trying to get your brand known it is important to provide as much detailed information as possible. These could be keywords that you are wanting my team to use while creating engaging content. We encourage our clients to use Google My Business as much as they do their Facebook.


When updating the Google My Business page with new content you are playing into the Google algorithm which then populates with more web searches. Something that I learned during a digital marketing conference was that experts believe in 10-15 years that this profile will be more important than the website itself.