Something that drove me to get a job in the marketing industry was the impact you can have as a brand. Nowadays consumers have so many different options when it comes to finding a brand that aligns with their values. This means that brands are expected to create a personalized tactic to grab the attention of the consumer. If not you face losing them to a similar product or even worse the competitor.


Doing a deep dive into social media and google analytics will give you a better understanding of who it is that your business is targeting. What you can then do is separate your marketing tactics into different approaches targeting different subgroups. For each subgroup, you are going to generate different campaigns so that each subgroup is seeing a different personalized message.


One of my favorite examples of this is from the Old Spice Company. They realized that the market of who was actually purchasing these products wasn’t men, but their spouses. Women in America are more often doing household shopping which means they might be picking out the products for their partners. Old Spice realized this by running a market analysis so they changed their approach by getting ads with attractive males saying, Don’t you want your husband to smell like me?


If you are wanting for our team to do a deep dive on your online presences please don’t hesitate to reach out!