Importance of Branding


One of the reasons I was drawn to getting a job in the marketing field was how fast the industry changes as technology advances. I’m amazed by the number of new platforms that allow companies to have direct contact with potential clients. As I started gaining professional experience in this field I found that I was drawn to branding. You might be wondering if and why branding is important which is why I am here to assist.


Branding Identity


When I meet with clients who are in the beginning stages of building their company I will ask MANY questions. All of this helps make your brand recognizable so consumers can connect experiences and feelings to it. During the initial meeting, I will gather information such as


  • Do you have any fonts you like?
  • What colors represent your company?
    • Unique colors mean your brand will be recognizable.
  • Does your company have any taglines?
    • A tagline is a statement that gives the consumer some form of an idea of the services that your company offers.

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