As a trusted digital marketing resource, we want to encourage our clients to ask questions. Our team of experts wants to teach our clients the basics of analytical analysis. So for February, we will be generating content that helps explain some of the most basic analytical terms. Today we will be discussing what an impression is.


When I was little I never thought I would be studying AI technology or various social networking algorithms but here I am today. Personally, I believe technology has advanced to meet the needs of each user. It encourages marketers to have those tough conversations about branding identity to allow them to tap into the audience they want to target. Algorithms are similar to Google’s crawlers which are ways for AI technology to classify the type of content and send it to viewers with similar interests, or keywords.


When content is created it should be created for a purpose or with intent. Some of the most underperforming campaigns were created without careful consideration of how they would be perceived. An impression is described as each time an individual is shown an advertisement. This shouldn’t be confused with engagement which is when the individual interacts with the content that is presented to them. This is just the study of the number of times your advertisement/post was shown to the public. If you want to learn more about simple analytics don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by calling Esper Creations today at (319) 383-0520.