I remember growing up in a world where technology advanced so much that it went from only having one social media platform, MySpace, to a hundred. What is difficult about this all is that certain age demographics gravitate towards certain platforms more than other age groups. A successful marketing approach is knowing who it is that your company is resonating with and using the social media platforms that the age demographic is active on.


What is nice about this segmentation is that if you know who you are trying to target you can begin to eliminate platforms that wouldn’t make sense. In addition, when using these platforms you can gain a better understanding of how your company is perceived. For example, Facebook tracks critical information such as reach, likes, and impressions. This information can provide a clear look at what content your followers like to see.


When trying to create successful social media campaigns you need to think about where you are advertising and who your audience is. Use the following graphic to ensure you know what age group is most likely to see your content on each social media platform.